Industrial New Haven

I apologize for being absent over the past few weeks – now that life is back on a somewhat routine schedule, I am back to blogging!

I just finished giving a tour of the library. Giving the tour is my absolute favorite thing in my professional life — the discussion during the tour usually leads to the richness of New Haven’s history and all that it still has to offer. Many people who live here know the stories of Judge Whalley, John Dixwell, and William Goffe — and how they hid from the Brits in Judges Cave in West Rock, but there are more interesting aspects to New Haven’s history than just this story! (Additional information: Daily Nutmeg, Society of Colonial Wars, or check out THIS book)

One of my favorite New Haven history books is Carriages & Clocks, Corsets & Locks

The book chronicles New Haven as an industrial city. Most cities around the time of the Industrial Revolution thrived on manufacturing one or two products, but New Haven was home to hundreds of manufactured goods: carriages, rubber boots, corsets, erector sets, folding & reclining chairs and much, much more – many of which were invented in New Haven!

A photo from Carriages and Clocks, Corsets and Locks

More on New Haven awesomeness soon!