A Wedding Day in 1869

I (Meg) am getting married next week.  The fiancé and I have been neck deep in wedding planning several months now – program design, menu planning, dress fittings, dessert tastings (this was the best part), guest lists, ceremony writing, music selections, etc.  I realized today that we had not consulted the books at the Institute Library!  Certainly there must be something there that can teach me how to be a good wife, how to be a perfect bride, wedding etiquette, etc – all things that may or may not align with my personal beliefs.

I skipped my allotted lunch break today to search through the card catalog for possible books on weddings, brides, and being a good wife.

I found several catalog cards for fiction books about brides (The bride dined alone, Bride in the bush) and weddings.

And then I found what I was looking for:

Wedding day in all ages and countries, published in 1869.

The book was checked out three times in 1969 and probably hasn’t even been opened since then.  I feel like it is going to fall apart in my hands.

I love this – “The ancient Scythians, being a warlike people, would not marry a maiden who had not killed an enemy.”

And there is an entire chapter dedicated to the various origins of the wedding ring!  If I wasn’t moving tomorrow (yes, I’m moving tomorrow and getting married a week from tomorrow) and/or it was still my lunch break, I would read this book cover to cover.  Perhaps, I will have the time sometime soon!


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  1. Great post, Meg, and best wishes for your move and upcoming wedding. What a terrific time capsule that 19th c. wedding book is!

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