Library Love

I work in the most interesting and unique place ever.  The Institute Library is my all-time favorite place to hang out.  I love giving the tour of the library and when I’m not at work – I tend to only talk about the history and current happenings of the library.  After several months, my brother, who lives in Chicago, was openly annoyed by me jabbering on and on about “MY library.”

“I get it, Megan.  You work in a library.  It’s really old.  I don’t care anymore.”

He visited me last weekend and I immediately took him to visit the Institute Library. The first stop of the New Haven Tour became the only place we visited. “This place is AWESOME!” He fell in love instantly and told me that when he is a billionaire, he will give loads of money to the library (he’s currently an unemployed college student).

I showed him a few of my favorite titles and suggested he read the introduction to Once on a time, which is about traveling by plotting out isosceles triangles and moving in this way to get from point A to point B, instead of in a direct route from A to B.

My brother spent the rest of his time in New Haven reading at the table in the biography room.  It was wonderful.


4 thoughts on “Library Love

  1. I love this little story about your brother who was annoyed and then in love with what you love. I think my ultimate goal is to work in a library as a librarian. I’m kind of close to it being a high school teacher but I just love being surrounded by books. My home is like a miniature library and my friends have dubbed my car the “book mobile.” Take more pictures of you library – I would love to see!

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