Aeroplanes & Flying Machines

“If you have time to spare, travel by air….”

I always thought this saying was more relevant for general aviation pilots, or from the days that people traveled by blimp, but after trying to leave Chicago since Monday and not getting to New Haven until late Wednesday night, I realized this saying still holds true.  (The delays were partially my fault and then mostly the weather’s fault).

I’ve decided to carry my accidental theme of aviation, airports, and travel by air to the library.

In my efforts to become the William A. Borden Classification Expert – I began my  search with the subject “airplanes.”  Turns out there is not a subject card for “airplanes,” so I looked for an “aviation” subject card:

Okay, so there is a subject card for airplanes – just with the British spelling “aeroplanes.”  I would have never thought to look up that spelling.  And there is a subject card for Flying Machines?!  The library has two – TWO – books on “aeroplanes” – both published in the mid 1940s.

I checked to see what books the library classified under “Flying Machines” but card is not there – I assume it was removed when books on “Flying Machines” were de-accessioned.  I found some interesting book titles in the card catalog, classified under “aeronautics” but when I went to get the books – they were not on the shelves….it seems as if my theme of disappointment with aviation really is carrying on to my time at the library….