The Story of the Nations

One of the perks of showing up to work early is I am free to lazily read random finds from the stacks.  This morning, Vickie had a surprise waiting for me on my desk.She saw the title while processing new books to add to the library’s collection – accessioned in 1893.  She went to the shelf to see if was still there….sure enough, it was.

The Story of the Nations: Australiasia – It’s the story of the British colonies, published in 1893.  G. Mitchell was the last person to check the book out – in October 1897.  I love Mr. Borden’s beautiful calligraphy…

Since I arrived at the library before my shift starts – I had time to thumb through the book (my original intention was to work on a translating project, but per usual, I was distracted). So, I learned a bit about “Australasia” The photos below are some of my favorites from the book.