The library’s collection is unique for two (main) reason:

1. The library has been in existence since 1826 and at this location (847 Chapel Street) since 1879.  This is a long time span of book acquiring.
2. The database/catalog is not electronic.  There is no scanning your eyes down the computer screen or using a combination of key words.  Your options are to peruse the card catalog or meander the stacks.

I use the card catalog when I’m looking for something very specific – by author or  classification.  Normally though, I meander through the stacks.

Today, a high school student handed me his find: The World’s Wickedest Women: Intriguing Studies of Eve and Evil through the Ages by Andrew Ewart.  Amazing.  Ewart apparently wrote The World’s Wickedest Men too, but according the the card catalog – the library does not have that book.

My FAVORITE book that I’ve found is Canada: America’s Problem  I am the first person to check it out since 1961 (it was published in 1942).

My betrothed found a book by AA Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh) hiding in the stacks – it’s a fairy tale for adults with a somewhat snarky introduction about how Milne wrote the book only for him and his wife to enjoy.

I love these finds.