The Microspatula

I worked in Special Collections and Archives at the DePaul University Library as an undergraduate student.  There, I learned all about rare book handling and processed some of the university archives.  In fact, my name can be found on some of the finding aids that are listed on the Special Collections and Archives website.

My all time favorite librarian tool was the mircospatula. I used it for safe staple removal, separating stuck-together-pages, and label removal.  It was awesome – (in a way that only a library staff person would find it to be, to be completely honest).

Will Baker bought a microspatula for the Institute Library last week and it arrived yesterday.  I am THRILLED!  Pictured above is the new microspatula – it’s about 8″ long.  We’ll use it when we cover the dust jackets of books (which is to help preserve the book’s condition).

Someday I hope to return to archival work – ideally processing the Institute Library’s slightly messy historical materials – armed with my microspatula.