“MY” Library

The beautiful thing about the Institute Library is that each member feels as if it is his/her personal library – it’s a very intimate space but yet builds and offers community.

I first came to the library last September – September 20th, 2011 to be exact – per the recommendation of a board member, Eva, – who I met for the first time in person earlier that day (Facebook brought us together for childcare reasons).

Post meeting Eva & her offspring, Eva went to her meeting while the child and I spent the afternoon flying, jumping, singing, and dancing.  Eva returned after the child fell asleep, which gave me the opportunity to inquire about her whereabouts.  She informed she was at a board meeting for the Institute Library and insisted I visit immediately.

I fell in love the moment I walked in.  I wanted to live in this library – be completely part of it in every way.

I was a regular patron immediately – utilizing the space to finish my thesis and volunteering five hours a week.  I decided to show up every day until someone thought I worked there – which worked out for me.

In December, the executive director, Will Baker, suggested that we apply for a small grant from the Community Foundation to hire me as the Membership Services and Community Outreach Intern.  The grant was approved in January and TA-DA! I, Megan E. Black, am now the MSCO Intern of the Institute Library.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, library factoids & anecdotes, and more!